Monday, April 11, 2011

Bottles n Brushes

I am a horrible artist.

In elementary school I almost got a C in Art class. Yes, elementary school. Isn't art supposed to be objective?

Fast forward 20 or so years, add a bottle of wine, and presto! I am an artist.

At least, that's how the folks at Bottles n Brushes make you feel after you leave an evening with them.

My mom came into town for some much needed mother-daughter bonding time. Our normal routine when she visits is sun-bathing at the beach (when it's warm enough), shopping, dinner, and lounging while watching tv and movies. My idea of a perfect weekend.

But my perfect weekend became even more perfect when we kicked it up a notch and added a twist to our plans and tried our hands at painting at Bottles n Brushes. Neither of us are very artistic, yet we entered the class without the slightest bit of trepidation. We took our seats after I ordered a glass of wine, but the girls behind the counter gave me a bottle instead. I didn't mind as I had some catching up to do (mom doesn't drink, so I drank least, alone in our group. The rest of the class was already two sheets to the wind by the time we picked up our paintbrushes, dabbed them in paint, and smoothed them across the canvas).

Letting my creative "juices" flow through me, I was pleasantly surprised with how my painting turned out after helpful hints from the evening's artist. It's amazing how we all painted the same thing, yet every painting looked completely different:

My painting.

Mom's whimsical interpretation.

If you're in the mood for a girls night out, an evening to challenge your creative-side, and some wine to soothe your mind and soul, Bottles n Brushes is the place to be.


  1. Elizabeth! Love the blog post! Thanks so much for the shout-out. Glad to hear that you and your mom had such a great time at Bottles 'n Brushes. Come see us again soon! In the meantime we just started a blog. Check it out.

  2. This sounds awesome! I can barely draw a stick figure but maybe after somethign like this I could whip up something a little better. Haha!